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A boy, a girl, a sprite, and a wolf by jd23hedz A boy, a girl, a sprite, and a wolf :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 0 4 Neo Divine Armor by jd23hedz Neo Divine Armor :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 3 0 A child and a husky by jd23hedz A child and a husky :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 3 2 Pokemon adventure volume 1, 2, and 3 by jd23hedz Pokemon adventure volume 1, 2, and 3 :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 2 5 A helping hand by jd23hedz A helping hand :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 0 1 The little wonderers Prologue by jd23hedz The little wonderers Prologue :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 2
T.K.O: Legacy of the Dimensions Ch 7
Team Kids Origins:Legacy of the Dimensions Chapter 7: The jungle of adventures and the star of hope!
In the jungle, a huge star octopus like creature lurking in the outside of the village,a man whose doing his work by looking out of the cow without knowing when he's watched. The parasite have now catch him and stung his head by manipulating him with strange chemical that have spread into his head with nightmares in a fiendish horrors what lies beyond, then screamed in unspeakable tragic. He began losing control,the parasite screeches to it's brethren,doing the same thing like first one,and causing the animals and humans became savages of the parasite to use their bidding.
At the jungle not long...
The portal blow the heroes out,and they've landed on a cozy grass that didn't have a scratch in the landing.
Ligasen: Wheew! What a relieve that we got landed safely or we should be dead from the rocks.
Rayden: Is this a jungle?
Emily: It is. look at the birds!
Emily pointed at the birds that
:iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 0 0
Team Kids new recruits
1. Harlock
2. Tochiro
3. Shinunora
4. Randi
5. Primm
6. Popoi
7. Hero
8. Heroine
9. Kirche pintail
10. Sesame ashpot
11. Arancia scorenote
12. Cassie lumberyard
13. Ganache nighthawk
14. Blueberry lakeside
15. Cidre rainbow
16. Lemon airsupply
17. Olive tearclown
18. Cabernet cheaptrick
19. Pistachio maplewood
20. Peche farmer
21. Cafè au lait rustynail
22. Chocolat crack
23. Candy mintblue
24. Naoto
25. Miki
26. Kensuke
27. Max
28. June
29. Tom
30. Locke the superman
31. B rap boys
32. Konami man and his friends
33. Corona
:iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 4
T.K.O: Legacy of the Dimensions Ch 6
Team Kids Origins: Legacy of the Dimensions Chapter 6: Showdown in Tokyo! Experiment no. 0 is on the lose!
In Tokyo, fullmoon light...
The city of Tokyo was so beautiful and amazing in the lights, the people began to go home in their beds, the cricket make a noise song, all of it began so well of Japan in every which way. But....
A howling cries in the echoes in the night of Japan city, a figure show itself transforming into a huge man-like wolf as it growls it's prey, cutting the police officers' back, the thug was scratched by the chest, they screamed in help but no one came in here, then fainted but not dead in a way. The citizens began to panicking in every neighborhood as this beast has it's claws stained with blood on it, licking it within the evil itself.
At the dark tower castle...
In the lab room, a old man with a white coat, a red orange shirt, and with red eyes, busying look at the computer screen data. His name is Prof. Piotear, king sinnius' number 1 scient
:iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 0 2
Caught in red-handed by jd23hedz Caught in red-handed :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 5 2
My favorite Movies
My favorite Movies on my list:
1. Balto
2. Castle in the sky
3. Balto 2
4. The labyrinth
5. Commando
6. Kindergarten cop
7. Major Payne
8. Problem child
9. Problem child 2
10. Aladdin
11. Mulan 1 and 2
12. Balto 3
13. Shaun of the dead
14. Zombie land
15. The rescuers
16. The rescuers down under
:iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 10
Victoria's Techniques by jd23hedz Victoria's Techniques :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 2 1 Melissa's Techniques by jd23hedz Melissa's Techniques :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 1 Emily's Techniques by jd23hedz Emily's Techniques :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 1 Tria's Techniques by jd23hedz Tria's Techniques :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 1 Hannah's Techniques by jd23hedz Hannah's Techniques :iconjd23hedz:jd23hedz 1 0


GO-ROADER GT - Battle Mode by Quester-dragon GO-ROADER GT - Battle Mode :iconquester-dragon:Quester-dragon 6 0 Toonami Characters Part III by JQroxks21 Toonami Characters Part III :iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 2 0 'Let's talk it out, boys.' by cmara 'Let's talk it out, boys.' :iconcmara:cmara 7 0 Sonic Boom: Fighting over Amy by KatarinaTheCat Sonic Boom: Fighting over Amy :iconkatarinathecat:KatarinaTheCat 38 4 RKA meets Rudolf by KohakuKun19 RKA meets Rudolf :iconkohakukun19:KohakuKun19 57 25 Aren't you a bit too old for a costume? finished. by ScorpionLP357 Aren't you a bit too old for a costume? finished. :iconscorpionlp357:ScorpionLP357 7 179 jenna from balto fanart by nanaki by draggane jenna from balto fanart by nanaki :icondraggane:draggane 154 53 Ash and Pikachu by AfroOtaku917 Ash and Pikachu :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 42 11 My Balto plushies by ScorpionLP357 My Balto plushies :iconscorpionlp357:ScorpionLP357 7 18 Mindcraft Pt.10 by CalamityKangaroo Mindcraft Pt.10 :iconcalamitykangaroo:CalamityKangaroo 13 2 Aleu by dreamilk Aleu :icondreamilk:dreamilk 12 0 Rick Looks Like It by byrapp Rick Looks Like It :iconbyrapp:byrapp 11 0 They're Not Just Cartoons... by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow They're Not Just Cartoons... :iconthe-man-of-tomorrow:The-Man-Of-Tomorrow 35 3 Happy Birthday AS! by Amyloup Happy Birthday AS! :iconamyloup:Amyloup 36 15 My tiger-puppy daughter by DanTheCrazy My tiger-puppy daughter :icondanthecrazy:DanTheCrazy 13 49 Crash and Friends: Storytime with Uncle Aku by SammyD91 Crash and Friends: Storytime with Uncle Aku :iconsammyd91:SammyD91 18 3



A boy, a girl, a sprite, and a wolf
In the outside forest, Randi, Primm, and Popoi hanging out for a relaxing breeze, and see a big wolf with a smile and came to them.

Randi, Primm, and Popoi belongs to Nintendo.
Balto belongs to Universal studios.
Neo Divine Armor
Bio: The ultimate gear armor thou been away for 2000 years old since the legendary war of the milky way galaxy. It has said for once the divine warriors and the divine weapons are reunited as one, the elements shall give one leader of the Divine warriors who holds the Powergeddon into a supreme fighting grappler and a knight.

Armor chest: 24 multiple missiles; all of missiles that can detect the enemies and undetected the people who are not the target.

Armor shoulders: Rocket boosters; This have no fuels for it is indescribable to as it is so fasterthan any cars, train, and planes.

Armor belt: Energy shield and All for one barrier; It can shield everything and everyone from disastrous, and it can shield itself.

Armor arms: Bio laser swords; Two yellow light energies to slash some unidentified technologies from anyone's plans.

Armor foot: Gravity boost; It will let you to control the host to get up and down from the ground and the sky.

Grappling skills
Blitz techniques
Using Powergeddon
Fire techniques
A child and a husky
A sprite child named Popoi, wandering in the woods to find something or a place to live in a home to be with, and see a red husky with a wolf-dog, Balto, and her name is Jenna. He was curious for he met them with a curiosity smile. Balto smile to the child, and the sprite child pet him and his mate also. He ask Popoi what he is doing then the boy speak for he didn't quite remember. He need a place to stay home to feel safety and a peaceful home. Where would the little lost child live?

Balto and Jenna belongs to Universal studios.
Popoi belongs to Nintendo.
Only two days left, and Monday Will be a awesome birthday! ^^


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Jose D.
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United States
My name is Jose Dario Hernandez, The team leader of the Team Kids: Kind, Investigating, Defenders, Strategy, and we're finally trying to find some bad guys to fight, and rescue kids on our own.


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