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Lodiasha, the unknown planet
Bio: A pure planet with a huge yellow orange forcefield that can penetrates meteorites, bomb explosion, nuclear bomb, and many. In the ground, this have waterfalls in the cities of lodiasha, and many rocks, mountains, temple, and life.

Origin: Lodiasha, is a planet full of cities, citizens, nature, fresh air, animals, and great care of this planet. This planet was began from the legendary war that has been along time, and was stopped by the ancestors of the Aurians. Until, some visitors from another planet in the solar systems, and then called them 'The Divine Warriors'. The divine warriors are group of men, women, and magical beings who joined forces with reinforcements of Lodiasha soldiers, and destroy King Sinnius with their sacred weapons. The ancestors of aurians use the solar crystals and the ultimate heart gem to summon the solar guardians, and stopped sinnius' armies. Many have passed by in the years of Lovedian, and peace was restored, King Veritate and Queen Beltane, the highness of lodiasha in the castle look after the world and their planet from certain danger and monsters roaming the worlds with their best guards, Alexis the Crocodile, and Luanne the lioness. Suddenly, the king and queen were kidnapped by the returned of king sinnius, and the two guards were transported in earth. Now, King Sinnius now controlled the planet, it's forcefield, and the solar guardians,
Solar Crystals and Heart Gem
Here's the guardian of the unknown planet's sacred treasures:

Solar Crystals: Ten color bright crystals with source of pure energy, and has the power to summon the little creatures, are named solar guardians. They speak to the Aurainans, and to the citizens if they have kindness, and graceful to nature, andto the solar guardians.

Heart Gem: The final solar crystal that can control the crystals and then gives them there powers, and charge the solar crystals. If one of them are been awakened by the King Sinnius' evil sins magic, they'll release the solar guardians. The heart gem can be use by Beltane, and her husband, Veritate to defeat his magic and return the guardians back to normal.
Happy valentines day for everyone!
Here's a gift for :iconmullan007:

And here is me kissing with my OC, and my girlfriend, Melissa the red wolf, and Pierce giving a gift for his girlfriend, Kanga. So happy valentines day!😁 Hope you'll love it!
Hi! I'm JD. and today is February 14th for Valentines day! 😁 This is for everyone I like and to see you! ❤💘
Hi! I'm JD. and today is February 14th for Valentines day! 😁 This is for everyone I like and to see you! ❤💘


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My name is Jose Dario Hernandez, but you can call me Jd. I love videogames, anime, drawings, and mangas. and I want you to listen, all of you and deviant people. my life is to protect the animals and children from the real world.


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